Property & Engineering

Special attention is given to these lines, which are fundamental to our economy as they lessen the impact that natural and man-made disasters have on our businesses and homes. Global reinsurers’ risk appetite used to change with the insurance cycle, but with ever dropping rates, these lines are predominately challenging to place. This has driven Broktech to obtain automatic facilities in property, from A-rated securities, in order for us to expedite the coverage of risks. We are keen on aiding the ceding companies in maintaining a healthy portfolio by ensuring that proper risk management practice is enforced.
The range of products we offer covers all type of Fire and Engineering policies that includes but is not limited to:
⦁ IAR (Industrial All Risk)
⦁ PAR (Property All Risk)
⦁ EAR (Erection All Risk)
⦁ CAR (Contractor’s All Risk)
⦁ MB (Machinery Breakdown)
⦁ DOS (Deterioration of Stock)
⦁ EEI (Electronic Equipment Insurance)